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How to Do Bulk WhatsApp?

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Supports All Multimedia Formats 

Shout out your messages in any format – text, images,PDF, videos, audios and vCard files.

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Filter WhatsApp Numbers

Keep the junk out by filtering thousands of WhatsApp users under Some seconds.

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Send 1000s Of Messages

Make BIG announcements to your audiences without breaking a sweat.

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Impact of WhatsApp

There are many impact or effect to the society on WhatsApps marketing. The first is with the increased adoption of smartphones all over the world.

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Affordable Plans

Starts Your Campaign Today

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WhatsApp Features

Why we Suggest Bulk WhatsApp?


If you do your followups on WhatsApp rather than phone calls, you will get 50% more reaction from your customers.

Nobody interested in getting a phone calls from unknown numbers but we are more likely to respond to personal messages. When we begin utilizing WhatsApp for client communication, we noticed better response and engagement. This additionally gives a chance to be little information.

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Why we Suggest WEBozINDIA?


 It is one of the most cost effective of all app marketing tools. It is particularly effective for little to medium-sized organizations as it is a perfect alternative to creating an alternative app for marketing and them on the call.

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Why we Suggest Bulk WhatsApp – WEBozINDIA?


One of the best components that makes WhatsApp marketing all the more important now is the client base. It gives the path to a wide audience immediately. Almost everybody nowadays are on WhatsApp and you access them through the application. You can contact your clients, you simply need their numbers and you will have the able to WhatsApp them.

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Why we Suggest Bulk WhatsApp – WEBozINDIA?

WhatsApp Forwarding for faster uploading of images, audios & videos.

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Get to Know More About Bulk WhatsApp | WEBozINDIA Solutions

WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile application that enables message exchanges across different mobility platforms like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. Advertisers can send their promotional messages without offending DND.