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WEBozINDIA Features

Build Relevant Brands & Experiences

Relevance is the single greatest determining factor for a brand’s long-term success for which Focus on innovation

Passion For Mobile

The GREAT- Joana Picq, Jampp once said “The mobile phone is a bit like God – it’s omnipresent”, his words has stuck our mind & heart forever. For us Mobile Marketing is also like an ocean, the more we explore the more excited we become.

Thrive Business Strategy

Today, brands need personalized solution to meet their business objectives. Providing Mobile Marketing solutions is our basic forte but providing with a strategy on HOW? & WHY To use Mobile? Is what we thrive to answer for

Digital Customer Experience

Digital & Content Strategy for Communications and Campaigns via Digital Marketing Plans, Business Model Innovation or Invention and Customer Data Value Exchange

Our Skills

Brand Positioning - 97%
Customer Experience - 95%
Brand Architecture | Naming - 95%
Employee Engagement - 92%
Brand Portfolio - 90%
Visual Systems - 90%
Customer Support - 95%

The purpose of a business is to


who creates CUSTOMERS


About WEBozINDIA Solutions

Our work in employee engagement

  • Engaging employees with the development and rollout of a new global technology brand
  • Cultural diagnostic for a global financial services organization
  • Co-creating purpose and values with all employees at a leading global airline

Our employee engagement Services include:

  • Master brand engagement and implementation
  • Employee experiences design
  • Purpose, values and leadership
  • Immersive learning
  • Employee insight and archetype development
  • Marketing organization and capabilities


Some of the issues

  • Creating new and inspiring ideas
  • Developing new products, services and business models
  • Driving transformative growth strategy
  • Building innovation capability

Our Innovation Services

  • Ideation & Rapid Concepting
  • Pipeline & Portfolio Development
  • Strategic Transformation
  • Service Design
  • Innovative Organization

Some of the issues

  • Understanding the optimal relationship between pricing, promotion, and assortment
  • Assessing advertising’s impact through marketing mix modeling
  • Effectively allocating spend across your brand portfolio
  • Understanding patterns of engagement over time
  • Developing integrated multi-channel engagement programs

Our Analytics service

  • Sales Analytics
  • Promo and Markdown Optimization
  • Salesforce Analytics and Optimization
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Marketing Simulators
  • Customer Analytics
  • Segmentation & Association
  • Customer Lifetime Value


Give your Customers the Ease to Reach you at NO COST with a Toll Free Number. Discover opportunity to implement automated response with just a MISSED CALL. Click to Call: Bridge a call with your customers whenever they look up to you! Implement an automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System and communicate smartly!

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 SMS with additional features like Identity on who is Sending (Six Character SENDER ID), which are sent with the objective of promoting your product or service. Transactional SMS is, it can deliver on DND & Non-DND Numbers both 24*7. Most advantages of Transactional SMS is, it can deliver on DND & Non-DND Numbers both.

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Branding and Stragegy

Digital Transformation: Customer-Driven, Technology Enabled. Digital Customer Experience and Strategy, Digital Communications and Campaigns with Marketing Plans and Playbooks of Customer Data Value Exchange.

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We Provide Longcode WhatsApp, under autoresponder, (Text, Image + caption, Pdf + caption, Video + caption). Bulk WhatsApp attracting the marketeers as they can not only send the text but also the image, Video, Audio, Vcards and PDF even one can send his/her location which makes the Bulk WhatsApp different from the traditional SMS.

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